Generous GEMs


Dedication Page

     This page is designed to recognize, memorialize, and commemorate those people who have made generous contributions in time, money, and/or resources to 13GEM in pursuit of its Educational Mission- especially in these precarious start-up days.


Debbie Jurasek

Jackie Siochi

Labyrinth Homeschool Co-Op

Debbie Jurasek


Washington Homeschool Organization (WHO) Executive Director

     Debbie has been an invaluable resource for 13GEM in its infancy stage.  When 13GEM first started, the Washington Homeschool Organization, and more specifically Debbie, was one of its primary resources for information.  Debbie was very responsive and informative with any emails sent to her.  13GEM purchased advertising space on the WHO Marketplace and traffic spiked instantly.  Around October 2016 Debbie mentioned that having a legitimate Physical Education program at the Annual WHO Convention would be a great addition.  As a start-up, being able to present 13GEM's program at the WHO Convention would be an amazing opportunity but I was unsure what my schedule would look like that far in advance.  We agreed to reconnect closer to contention-time.

     When March arrived I was planning on reconnecting with Debbie via email, however,  I checked my inbox one day to find that she had already sent me one.  Serendipity indeed!  She emailed to see if I was still interested in presenting at the WHO Convention, which I was, and she eased me through the registration process.  As a start-up, it felt really great to be remembered and supported by an established organization such as WHO.  I strongly encourage any and all Homeschool families to visit and utilize the Washington Homeschool Organization website when you have any questions, are developing a curriculum, or looking for a solid community to connect into!

​For this we are Eternally Grateful!!!​

​Thank you Debbie!

Jackie Siochi


Labyrinth Co-Op Board of Directors

     Jackie has been a major inspiration, supporter, and contributor to 13GEM in its developmental stage.  In September 2016 I sent introductory emails to most co-ops posted on the WHO website with, at the time, varying degrees of success.  I had assumed that those emails had been forgotten about but then one day in December 2016 I received an email "out-of-the-blue" from Labyrinth inquiring if 13GEM was interested in coming in for a meeting to discuss providing Physical Education classes for their co-op.  I was super-excited and leapt at the opportunity to meet.  

     When I arrived for the meeting I met with Jackie and was struck by her positive personality, interest in the program, and desire to help get the program started.  Our initial meeting was splendid- our personalities clicked and we developed a solid plan for bringing 13GEM PE classes to Labyrinth.  Throughout that process she has been helpful and supportive beyond superlative description; I am truly indebted to all of the effort she has put into helping 13GEM become a member of the Labyrinth Community.  She is responsive with emails, forthright with information, has an infectious enthusiasm, and is supportive and caring in helping others achieve their dreams!  

     What stands out most for me is how supportive she has been of 13GEM and myself from the beginning.  At this time, 13GEM is still a start-up with few believers and supporters so to have her inject interest, enthusiasm, and support into a yet unproven, though extremely dedicated organization and young social entrepreneur such as myself...

For this we are Eternally Grateful!!!

​Thank you Jackie!

Labyrinth Homeschool Co-Op


All Parents and Students ​2016-2017 School Year

     The Labyrinth Homeschool Community has welcomed and accepted 13GEM as part of its community in such a magnificent way!  Once I received approval from the Board to operate classes for the 2017-2018 school year I started hanging around the co-op during school hours just to be around the Educational environment and start to meet parents for next year.  I was offered the opportunity to operate PE activities during lunchtime so the students could release some energy and I leapt at the opportunity.  Then a few weeks later a parent asked me if I would be interested in operating a class in the morning for some of the younger students whose older siblings were in class.  Again, I leapt at the opportunity.  I will leap at any opportunity to teach PE because I absolutely love it!

     From a professional standpoint, the Labyrinth Homeschool Community provided the energy for 13GEM to undergo its first ever growth phase in the journey to becoming a viable and legitimized organization.  The opportunity to teach regular classes immediately and having four classes for this school year have provided the social and financial capital necessary for 13GEM to take the next step towards providing PE classes for the general public.  The students have been amazing in their participation of games and activities and I look forward to many-an-enjoyable class periods in the future!

     From a personal standpoint, the Labyrinth Homeschool Community has provided me with much needed social and emotional support at a time when I'm not sure they fathom how much I needed it.  It really feels great when parents validate all of my theories and methods with comments such as "We are so glad you are our PE teacher" and requests such as "When and where else can we enroll our students in your classes?"  Then having students eagerly approach before lunch and ask "Are you ready to do lunch activities?" then afterwards say "Thank you!" with a high-5 and a smile!  Everyone at Labyrinth has seen and recognized the passion and enthusiasm with which I teach Physical Education and the care and dedication with which I teach the students where many other education institutions did not.

     Without Labyrinth I'm not sure where 13GEM and I, personally, would be right now but one thing is for sure... without the Labyrinth Homeschool Community I am sure that 13GEM and I, personally, would not be set up for upcoming success...

For this we are Eternally Grateful,

​Thank You Labyrinth Homeschool Co-Op!!!