Private Classes at EBC

Weekly, Year Round Program

EBC in an indoor gym so weather will not be a hindrance for having class

You choose the curriculum

We can implement the regular PE grogram of learning multiple sports in each class or we can focus on specific sport(s) of interest

Play and exercise as a family

Strengthen family bonds with regular play and exercise!  Parents can be students in private classes as well as children

All equipment provided

13GEM will bring all of the necessary equipment for class so families can find the sport they like before investing personal funds in personal sporting equipment.


Anyone, young or old, can be a student in private PE classes.  However, there is a limit to the number of students:

  • 1-4 unrelated students
  • 1-6 members of the same family living in the same household

Tuition & Times


All classes are 30 minutes in duration*

*Students may stack classes to create 60 or 90 minute sessions if desired

Classes Available during any OPEN time slot

Parents who would like to split the costs of tuition for private classes may schedule their students together in a class

Enrollment Form

There are two registration methods:
1.  Download this form, fill it out electronically, and email it back
2.  Come to class on first day and fill out enrollment form on a 13GEM computer


Thank you for your understanding with this.

13GEM- Enrollment Form Online (docx)


Refund Policy

Refund Policy

  • A student may withdraw from a class at any time.  
  • The withdrawal process will be considered complete on the day the withdrawal form is completed and submitted.  
  • Any refunds will be calculated from that date forward.
  • Refunds will only be given for students that have withdrawn from the program
  • Refunds will be given for the number classes remaining after the official withdrawal date
  • Refunds will be calculated based on the pre-tax semester tuition rate
  • Once the refund is calculated, there will be a $10 Withdrawal Fee deducted from the calculated refund amount
  • No refunds will be given for absences
  • If a class must be cancelled by 13GEM for any reason then it will either be rescheduled or a tuition credit for the costs of that specific class date will be issued