Most Recent 13GEM Podcast

Podcast 1: Consequences of Educational Reform

Featuring Jacob and Devonte Garcia

Recorded 10/30/19


13GEM Podcast

Mission Statement:   Investigate Educational Reform from a variety of perspectives to develop empowering philosophy supported by realistic and relevant policy that empowers all citizens of society 

13GEM Podcast Concept

Intention and Process

 Interview authors of books, University professors, entertainers, athletes, and common citizens regarding their educational experience and personal insights into how to reform Education.

Developed around “13GEM Manifesto: Educational Reform for Social Evolution” audiobook which is a starting point for Reformed Educational Policy and Philosophy,

The purpose of the Podcast is to explore the efficacy of these proposed solutions to either hone them in to make them pragmatic and/or make changes where necessary make them more efficacious & implementable.

Our initial goal is to produce one Podcast per week with the long-term goal of being able to produce several Podcasts per week. 


Jacob Echevarria

B.A. in Health and Physical Education, University of Georgia '07

I am a Physical Educator, Educational Philosopher, and future Educational Policy maker.  I received my B.A. in Physical Education from the University of Georgia in 2007 after which I taught for 10+ years in variety of settings before finally starting 13GEM in July 2016.


I want to start investigating Educational Reform and generate revenue for Graduate tuition and opening gyms by doing this Podcast full time.  I am interested in pursuing Graduate degrees in the areas of Educational Leadership and Policy, Social Work (MSW), Educational Psychology, and International Policy and Affairs while starting to open 13GEM Gyms to promote Physical Education and structure after-school time for 

dis-empowered youth.


Devonte Garcia

B.A. in Politics and Philosophy, University of Washington, Tacoma

I am a Father, Husband, and small business owner.  Currently I am a Master's of Applied International Studies Candidate at the University of Washington, Seattle.  My undergraduate studies were in Political Science and Philosophy and I am passionate about public serving.


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13GEM- The Documentary

This is the literal origin story of 13GEM.  I always wanted to open a gym and teach PE on my own, but there was no social mission behind what I wanted to do.  When I tore my ACL in August 2015 and had to move back to Georgia to heal I had lots of free time on my hands and decided to go into Atlanta and help those who needed it.  Unbeknownst to me, I was uncovering my Life's Mission.  This is the street corner I vow to return to and build a 13GEM facility.

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