13GEM Ronin

13 Generations Educational Mission, LLC

Revolutionized Education

Seattle/Eastside Area

13GEM at a Glance

Professional Learning Environment

Students are ONLY taught by PE Teachers with a Bachelor's degree or higher in Physical Education who will disseminate the 13GEM Structured and Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

Full Inclusion regardless of ability level

Ample equipment is provided to ensure all students experience high activity rates and opportunities to respond (OTRs)

Innovative Programming

Using technology in the classroom is encouraged to facilitate learning, which highlights the fact that we focus on growth and learning, not merely supervision. 

13GEM Calendar of Classes

No upcoming events.

13GEM Updates

Updated 8/11/19

13GEM will be closed until an indoor gym location can be identified, rented, and opened.  The objective is to open for Summer Camps 2020, if not earlier. 

Please continue to check this page for updates in the future.  Any and all developments will be announced on www.13gem.org and the 13GEM Facebook page.

My sincerest gratitude to everyone who supported 13GEM grow over the past 3 years and I look forward to fully manifesting my PE vision for yall as soon as possible.