Mobile PE for Schools & Organizations


What is Mobile PE for Schools & Organizations?

There has been an increase in demand from schools & organizations with consistent student populations and gym space that would like to add a quality PE Program to their curriculum.  13GEM has created "Mobile PE for Schools & Organizations" to accommodate this need.

13GEM provides the Teachers

All teachers have a minimum of a Bachelors in Health & Physical Education (P-12) that includes successful student teaching.  This ensures that students will be taught by professionals in the field of Physical Education who know how to manage classrooms and deliver instruction to maximize student growth rates.

13GEM provides the Equipment

All equipment necessary to conduct classes for a maximum of 20 students per class period.  13GEM has invested in the highest quality, developmentally appropriate equipment on the market including using traditional equipment in novel ways.

13GEM provides the Curriculum

13GEM's Educational Philosophy is based on three main principles: High Opportunities to Respond (OTRs), High Activity Rates, and High Teacher Interaction Rates.  All students are taught the fundamental skills, concepts, and strategies to a variety of sports and exercise modalities that exceed the Washington Physical Education Standards.

13GEM provides the Grades

13GEM has developed a method of quantifying Physical Education knowledge and skills into a relevant grading system.  On-going Fitness Testing and Sports Skill Assessments will allow schools & organizations to track the progress of their students in PE.

Sports Curriculum

Floor Hockey


  • Dribbling & Dekes
  • Passing, Receiving, & Shooting
  • Defensive Skills & Assignments
  • Team Strategies & Concepts

Flag Football


  • Passing & Catching
  • Flag Pulling & Juke Moves
  • Defensive Concepts & Coverages
  • Offensive Strategies & Concepts

Ultimate Frisbee


  • Passing & Catching
  • Spacing & Movement
  • Defensive Skills & Strategies
  • Offensive Concepts & Strategies



  • Passing, Catching, & Shooting
  • Cradling, Scooping, & Juke Moves
  • Defensive Skills & Strategies
  • Offensive Strategies & Concepts
  • Note: non-contact with flag belts



  • Dribbling & Ball Control
  • Passing, Receiving, & Shooting
  • Defensive Skills & Strategies
  • Offensive Strategies & Concepts



  • Dribbling & Ball Handling
  • Passing, Shooting, & Rebounding
  • Defensive Skills & Strategies
  • Offensive Strategies & Concepts



  • Serving
  • Returns & Rally Shots
  • Defensive Strategies of Covering Space
  • Offensive Strategies of Placing Shots



  • Serving
  • Returns & Rally Shots
  • Defensive Strategies of Covering Space
  • Offensive Strategies of Placing Shots



  • Serving, Bump, Set, & Spike
  • Blocking & Dig
  • Defensive Strategies & Concepts
  • Offensive Strategies & Concepts

Exercise Curriculum

Muscular Strength & Endurance


  • Body weight exercises
  • Low weighted resistance movements using dumbells, kettlebells, etc.
  • Principles of Overload, Progression, & Specificity
  • Development of a basic exercise routine for a Lifetime

Cardiorespiratory Efficiency


  • Running & Jogging Mechanics & Biomechanical Principles 
  • Pacing concepts for different types of running
  • Developmentally appropriate distances and times for goal setting
  • Basic understanding of how the body works to supply the body with oxygen during exercise and how to use exercise to improve one's capacity

Flexibility & Recovery


  • Principles of Static & Dynamic Stretching
  • Basics of Yoga & Tai Chi
  • Principles of Static Myofascial Release (SMR) before and after exercise
  • Fundamentals of a daily flexibility program for Lifetime implementation

Mobile PE Tuition Rates

How is tuition calculated?

Tuition rates are calculated on a "per student" basis rather than a "per hour" basis.  This allows flexibility for schools of all sizes as schools with less students would pay less tuition than schools with larger populations.  This would not be the case with a "flat hourly rate". 

Following are the 2019-20 Tuition Rates:

  • 30 minute classes: $4 per student per class
  • 45 minute classes: $6 per student per class
  • 60 minute classes: $8 per student per class